Saturday, May 10, 2008

Getting Rid #16

I've been working on my room pretty much ever since we moved in to this house... in December 2006. It's a constant work in progress - cleaning, rearranging, etc.

When I sold my bedroom furniture, I spent the rest of that weekend getting some things done in the room so I could rearrange my furniture again and clean up some.

One thing that I've never been able to do since being in this house is to put my towels in the bathroom. Kristin and I share the cabinet under the sink, and I had all kinds of junk on my side in a tub, so there wasn't room for my towels. Since I only have one dresser, I can't keep my towels in my room anymore - and it's just not cool to have stack in your bedroom floor.

So, today, I cleaned out the tub and got rid of most everything in the cabinet... now my towels are in there! YAY. I'm normal now. I know this is a random picture, but its just some of the stuff I threw away... old medicine, gross old lotion, and yes, that's a video game thing. Something Avon sold several years ago, I think.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Getting Rid #15

I'm almost caught up!

This happens to be another one of those things that don't belong to me.

Last summer, yes about a year ago, I shared my desire to learn the violin. My sweet friend Grace agreed to help me. We ended up only having 1 or 2 lessons, and then I had to stop with my crazy schedule. Then she moved, the holidays came, she and her husband branched out with a new community group at church, she got pregnant, etc etc - so, we decided that it just wasn't really going to work out. While I am sad to not learn right now, I haven't given up hope - but it was time to return the things she had let me borrow.

I pulled in tonight and Josh came out - so he got to be in the photo!

Getting Rid #14

The other night, I was moving around some of the picture boxes in my hope chest because I needed to take my parents their marriage certificate. I know it sounds odd that I had that, but I have a lot of our family videos and picture... my parents sold the house we grew up in and moved into a much, much smaller place - and I just didn't want those things stored in weird temperature places... you know? Anyway, some of the pictures I have are their wedding photos - so funny! That's another story.

So in my hope chest, I saw some funny things - notebooks, photos, etc.

Then I found this.

I have NO idea where I got this... or why I have it. But I knew it should leave me.


So, I took it to work to a lady, Valerie, who is putting together some of the decorations and setups for a retirement party in June. There's going to be a beach theme... so - it fits!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Getting Rid #13

I told you I had one ready... and yes, Amy took a picture! :o)

Let me explain - this doesn't actually belong to me - it never did... and although I said I was getting rid of one thing "I own," I'm finding that it may be necessary to also get rid of things that are on loan to me... these clog up your life, too!

So, these things were loaned to my friends Steven and Emily got married on December 1st last year. I helped Emily with some coordination for the event, including being the person who was to make sure this set got back to Kari in order for others to use it. I'm so awful! I never got around to returning it, and I really am sorry!

But Amy helped Shawn and Danielle with their wedding, and she helped me be responsible and get it to her. Thanks, Hammy!

Anyway - so I didn't own it, but now it's not clogging my life!

This should be my week...

... to get rid of my 19th thing.

I'm sorry I'm behind! :o(

I have some things in mind - and actually have one already done, but I'm waiting to find out of there is a picture to go with my post about it... so really, I'm needing 6 things posted/gotten rid of.

Just to catch you up - and help you see that I haven't forgotten... I'm just behind!