Saturday, May 10, 2008

Getting Rid #16

I've been working on my room pretty much ever since we moved in to this house... in December 2006. It's a constant work in progress - cleaning, rearranging, etc.

When I sold my bedroom furniture, I spent the rest of that weekend getting some things done in the room so I could rearrange my furniture again and clean up some.

One thing that I've never been able to do since being in this house is to put my towels in the bathroom. Kristin and I share the cabinet under the sink, and I had all kinds of junk on my side in a tub, so there wasn't room for my towels. Since I only have one dresser, I can't keep my towels in my room anymore - and it's just not cool to have stack in your bedroom floor.

So, today, I cleaned out the tub and got rid of most everything in the cabinet... now my towels are in there! YAY. I'm normal now. I know this is a random picture, but its just some of the stuff I threw away... old medicine, gross old lotion, and yes, that's a video game thing. Something Avon sold several years ago, I think.


Tales of a Girl said...

wow! You really are getting rid of things! I'm SOOOO proud!

Jason and Kathleen said...

i know that must feel good. I did the same thing in our bathroom yesterday. Jason thought i was taking over. what are you girls summer plans. let's pick a date to get together.