Thursday, May 8, 2008

Getting Rid #14

The other night, I was moving around some of the picture boxes in my hope chest because I needed to take my parents their marriage certificate. I know it sounds odd that I had that, but I have a lot of our family videos and picture... my parents sold the house we grew up in and moved into a much, much smaller place - and I just didn't want those things stored in weird temperature places... you know? Anyway, some of the pictures I have are their wedding photos - so funny! That's another story.

So in my hope chest, I saw some funny things - notebooks, photos, etc.

Then I found this.

I have NO idea where I got this... or why I have it. But I knew it should leave me.


So, I took it to work to a lady, Valerie, who is putting together some of the decorations and setups for a retirement party in June. There's going to be a beach theme... so - it fits!

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