Monday, May 5, 2008

Getting Rid #13

I told you I had one ready... and yes, Amy took a picture! :o)

Let me explain - this doesn't actually belong to me - it never did... and although I said I was getting rid of one thing "I own," I'm finding that it may be necessary to also get rid of things that are on loan to me... these clog up your life, too!

So, these things were loaned to my friends Steven and Emily got married on December 1st last year. I helped Emily with some coordination for the event, including being the person who was to make sure this set got back to Kari in order for others to use it. I'm so awful! I never got around to returning it, and I really am sorry!

But Amy helped Shawn and Danielle with their wedding, and she helped me be responsible and get it to her. Thanks, Hammy!

Anyway - so I didn't own it, but now it's not clogging my life!

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