Friday, April 25, 2008

Getting Rid # 11 AND #12

While I would argue that this should catch me up with my missing weeks, I still feel quite the need to rid, rid, rid...

So, YAY. Look what I got rid of this week!

That's right, folks! Two of my three piece bedroom furniture set. It used to be four... the bed was with it - but I got rid of the headboard almost 2 years ago when Alicia and I moved downtown because I just couldn't stand having one anymore.

I've had this furniture for a really long time, so I couldn't see really selling it - not that I have emotional attachments to it... but it's obviously older and not that new fancy stuff that I love at Pottery Barn... so, I took a shot and posted them on craigslist for Raleigh. A sweet girl came and looked and offered to buy 2 of the 3 pieces...

I had planned on using the money from the set to find one dresser I could use for my clothes until I saved enough to get a real, nice, adult set. :) After much consideration, I decide it would be best to keep saving and wait until I buy a home (hopefully next year!) and get furniture to go in that... knowing the size, styles, etc.

So, I kept the one dresser and have been working tonight on rearrangements and cleaning. DUDE... we have TONS of dust in this house!!! We have all hardwood floors, and I am convinced that has a huge part in it. Also, I never dust. So it builds, I suppose. :)

Anyway, great! Two things at once. This is just what I need to get caught up...

stay tuned... as I've been cleaning tonight and re-doing... I'm seeing things that will be a cinch to get rid of... and you might just be someone who wants something!

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