Sunday, January 6, 2008

Getting Rid #2

I know there's a big debate in the world about which day is the first one of the week. Is Sunday a weekend? Is it the first day? Well, I've always believed that it was the first day of the week... so I hope you won't mind that I jumped on my "getting rid" for the week.

This is getting fun for me. I'm wondering what's going to happen if I stay so anxious each week by the time April rolls around. I might be out of stuff.

If you could see this tote in person, you might understand what I mean.
Its overflowing. Old files, trash, weird angel candles/decorations, crumpled Christmas paper, an old pillow (I tried to wash it, but it has a big honey mustard stain on it - long story)... anyway... here's to week 2!

Don't know what I'm talking about? Check This out...


Ronnica said...

Good for you! I didn't exactly get rid of anything this weekend, but I did clean out a little by putting away the Christmas decorations and finally packing away the last box from when I August/September.

Jennifer said...

Hello! I'm a friend of Sheley's from church. I love this idea of getting rid of something each week. I mentioned it to my husband and he said, "OK, but let's do all 52 things at one time!" :-) LOL


Jason and Kathleen said...

do you know how i can crop that picture? just for on the blog. it is quite large and i would like it to be a little shorter.

Tales of a Girl said...

so what'd you get rid of this week?