Friday, January 25, 2008

Getting Rid #4

no... i didn't give my car away. :o) but i did get rid of many, many things from the trunk.

that's good, right? the thing that drove me to do it was because i had to get to my spare tire! :o( someone slashed my front driver's tire so my neighbor Jim changed it for me... but i had to ask him to wait while i moved things to get the spare out. that's awful!

anyway... so while he worked on the spare, i worked on getting rid of things. old posters from teaching; some REALLLLY old candy; shoes; general papers that were just old; etc.

this is just a shot of our outdoor trash can that i used to load my garbage into. see that blue thing in the bottom right corner? it's a boomerang. i'm so random!

1 comment:

andiewade said...

it feels so good to get rid of old useless stuff!