Friday, April 25, 2008

Getting Rid # 11 AND #12

While I would argue that this should catch me up with my missing weeks, I still feel quite the need to rid, rid, rid...

So, YAY. Look what I got rid of this week!

That's right, folks! Two of my three piece bedroom furniture set. It used to be four... the bed was with it - but I got rid of the headboard almost 2 years ago when Alicia and I moved downtown because I just couldn't stand having one anymore.

I've had this furniture for a really long time, so I couldn't see really selling it - not that I have emotional attachments to it... but it's obviously older and not that new fancy stuff that I love at Pottery Barn... so, I took a shot and posted them on craigslist for Raleigh. A sweet girl came and looked and offered to buy 2 of the 3 pieces...

I had planned on using the money from the set to find one dresser I could use for my clothes until I saved enough to get a real, nice, adult set. :) After much consideration, I decide it would be best to keep saving and wait until I buy a home (hopefully next year!) and get furniture to go in that... knowing the size, styles, etc.

So, I kept the one dresser and have been working tonight on rearrangements and cleaning. DUDE... we have TONS of dust in this house!!! We have all hardwood floors, and I am convinced that has a huge part in it. Also, I never dust. So it builds, I suppose. :)

Anyway, great! Two things at once. This is just what I need to get caught up...

stay tuned... as I've been cleaning tonight and re-doing... I'm seeing things that will be a cinch to get rid of... and you might just be someone who wants something!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

This will be my Getting Rid #10

I'm a hoarder. I have been my whole life, I think.

That was the purpose of my goal this year... my resolution. To GET RID each week!
I'm sorry for those of you who've faithfully checked each week, excited to see what's been posted... what's been ridded. Is that a sentence?

Anyway, I'm going to do my best to get rid of things over the next couple of weeks and get caught up!

Here will be my number 10 thing...
(p.s. - just to confess, this should actually be my number 8 thing because NEITHER of my 8 or 9 thing sold on Craigslist. I'm so sad! I think I'm going to start donating things that I just can't "throw away" to my friend Heather. She is beginning a collection of things in the hopes of starting a thrift store through our church. Yay!) For now, I'll stick with number 10 and try to actually move number 8 and 9 out of my possession.

Sounds silly, huh? For me, though, they collect easily. A lot of people don't know this, but I sell Avon on the side just to bring in a few extra bucks each month. It's not a lot of money because I don't really pursue it as well as I should/could - especially at work. I am pretty sure I should reconsider and really do the math to be sure that there is income ... and not more being spent!

Anyhow, that's not the point. Sorry.

My Avon orders come in boxes. Every other Tuesday. No matter how much or how little is ordered, I almost always get at least two boxes on my back porch every Tuesday evening...

I combine the items to take to my customers down into one box, leaving the others to pile up. Ridiculous!

So, I'm getting rid!

here's to you, random-stack-of-cardboard-room-taker-uppers-and-lids... Enjoy the recycle box outside!

Oh My...

I'm behind!
This is supposed to be week 16!

I'm going to catch up.

I swear it!