Sunday, February 3, 2008

Getting Rid #6

When I bought my guitar, the man at the music store gave me a few things as a gift! How nice.
One was the backpack style carrying case that Jasmine (that's her name) stays in.
So obviously, I'm not giving that away... just yet. (Lord, I DO desire to really be able to play that thing well one day!)

Another thing he gave me, however, was my choice of six music books.
"GREAT!," I thought. HUMPH!
What a joke for me to be be the one to choose these books. So now, I'm getting rid.

Alicia is looking thru them to see if she wants any. (She's a fantastic pianist.) And I've left Ben R. a phone message to see if he wants to look thru them. (He's a fantastic pianist and guitarist.)

Neither have committed to taking any of them, so if you have a desire, let me know.

Charlie Peacock - Kingdom Come
4Him - Obvious

Petra Praise 2

Watermark - Constant

Rocketown Records (Various Artists) - Number 5

Petra - God Fixation

1 comment:

shellyeve said...

if you haven't gotten rid of the watermark or rocketown books i'll take them :)